Wednesday, May 12, 2004

How About A Cold Brewski, Eh?

Or two or three or four...the Tampa Bay Lightning, and amazingly NOT any of the teams north of the border, might become the first team to give its season ticket holders the mighty generous gift of unlimited free beer for an entire season.

You know this is a bad idea when even some of the most avid beer drinkers I know oppose it. I think JeffBear at FanHome said it best...

"Aw this the NHL or the freaking Arena Football League?"

So Bolts, why can't you just offer a discount of some sort like everybody else?

Edit: And apparently, the 'Ning have never heard of the infamous Ten Cent Beer incident that took place at a Cleveland Indians baseball game in 1974...admittingly, I've never heard of it until I read about it on a thread about this subject in the Metroboards Columbus Blue Jackets forum. But, as popular as baseball is, you'd think at least one person in the Lightning front office would know about the Ten Cent Beer incident...

Edit numero dose: And the tap has been turned off.

Edit numbre trois: And now, it can't be decided if the offer/promotion/whatever was going to be for the entire season, the rest of the playoffs, or just the Eastern Conference Final against Philly. Whatever it was for, at least the Bolts are getting their much deserved desserts over such a dumb idea...


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