Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: June 25th-July 9th, 2006

Awesome! Cary, NC (along with the N&O) gets mentioned in the Ananova quirkies!

Did they let the crook buy them doughnuts too?

Either somebody at Ralph Lauren was having a very bad day OR wanted to put their sense of humor to use...

Forget soccer...THIS is the real contest (and it read/sounds like England is winning!)...

He works for MTV? Nuff said.

*insert "She wasn't getting enough iron." joke here*

Isn't it obvious? They didn't want to protest! They just wanted to hold their own twisted tribute to the Beatles' Abbey Road! (PG-13/Work safe warning)

*Just a little* out of control?

Just goes to show that you need to watch what you do, for chances are that it will end up on the Internet somehow, someway.

Once again, eBay gives eHarmony a run for its money...

Some people will do what a sign says, no matter how suspicious and/or stupid it looks...

Suuuuuurrre the TV wasn't on...

Wanna bet a bunch of people clicked on this thinking the article was talking about the e-mail device?

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