Monday, August 15, 2005

Alright, It's Official: The Canes Have Lost It

St. Jacques, ok. But PAVEL BRENDL?! The dude who's earned the nickname Krispy Kreme for his being notoriously out of shape? Not to mention how he was given the boot by not one, not two, not three, nor four, but AT LEAST FIVE, if not MORE European teams this past "season"?!

If Pavel makes the team, I'm going to already have this season down as a bust. That is how much I don't think Brendl and his sorry a** belong on the Canes (or really, any NHL team for that matter).


Blogger d-lee said...

actually, it was only four....
Trust me, I'm no Brendl-lover, but PK must see something in him other than the unrealized potential. I'm sure you already know this, too, but Brendl's is a two-way contract. $900k for the Canes or $35k for Lowell. We all know that he'll most likely end up in Lowell. If he ends up on the Canes roster, though, it'll be because he earns it. He won't be able to just loaf his way through camp. Don't worry.
On a positive note, Brendl does have LOADS of raw talent. Just look at his stellar numbers from when he played for the Hitmen. Maybe Coach Lavi and some of our veterans can whip him into shape.

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