Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #11, Volume One

Another win for the Canes, an eighth one, the WhalerCane franchise record (last and second best winning streak being seven games in 1986-87)...and boy, was it ugly. Where should I begin? The fact that Buffalo had far more shots on goal than the Canes or how we let Buffalo back into the party in the third period? Both of those aspects AND the swords somehow outhustling the Canes tonight are signs of weakness. That said, I am now going to reveal something I've said to my brother and myself ever since the Philly game on 10/28...

This current winning streak is 60% skill and 40% luck.

That 60% skill includes the "never say die" attitude that Laviolette has managed to instill within his comrades, the hot skating, and/or the hot shooting.

That 40% luck includes Gerbie and (Cam) Wardo getting hot when it *really* is needed and/or teams not coming on like gangbusters like they have against teams other than the Canes (Ottawa) OR coming on like gangbusters but somehow not adding more icing to the cake (Philly and Buffalo).

And for those getting ready to pounce on me, I gave the skill more percentage than the luck...I have said it many times, and will say it again: THIS is a damn good Canes team. I might be saying they're getting lucky, but at the same time, there is certainly no denying the skill these boys have. Only an idiot would deny it...but hell, even the idiots that many call the media are not denying.

Speaking of the media...WHY DID GERBER NOT GET THE FIRST STAR?!?! I don't care if Buffalo's Vanek got his first two NHL goals tonight AND was the reason the swords got back in the game. Gerber worked his ass off tonight, yo. If the Canes do not let Martin choose the restaurant for dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow, choose the movie for their upcoming plane ride, or have a TV party (tonight! TV party tonight!!) at his house for their next team bonding exercise*, I can truly feel safe in saying there is no justice in hockeydom what-so-ever.

Anyhoo, a win is a win, but the Canes can't keep winning ugly like they did tonight...ugly wins will not do, especially at Ottawa, the closest game on the Canes' schedule that scares me.

* - Regarding those bonding deals, since we are all of sudden hearing about them all the time...what's next? This? Ray Whitney's hitting on Tripp Tracy at the end of the first intermission interview makes me wonder. o_O

Edit: Oh, and BTW, if you thought the Whitney/Tripp comment was completely random, I advise that you check this out:

Edit #2: You think I'm making the Whitney/Tripp thing up? I now have proof, courtesy of Hyena's Eye Candy site (


Blogger d-lee said...

I agree. Gerbs should have been first star. He turned away, what, 41 shots?

If not for his fantastic work, Vanek might have had at least 4 goals.

Since the three stars are selected by the LOCAL media, it'll go down like that. If the exact same game was in Raleigh, Cole would have been third star, Vanek second and Gerbs first.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Stormbringer said...

44 shots, 41 saves, according to CBS Sportsline:

The fact that the Three Stars are selected by local media is the only thing that makes sense here. Vanek being First Star I *might* can understand...afterall, it's not every day that you score your first two NHL goals, bang-bang, like that. But then, and I'm not just saying this as someone biased towards the Canes, Gerber was easily the best player between both teams. Heck, IIRC, they said the 41 saves was a career high for Tinu (Gerber's Swiss nickname).

12:37 PM  

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