Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Bunny Day!

Or Happy Easter! But hey, if we can call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day", then why not "Bunny Day" for Easter? :)

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about wascally wabbits, as the title may indicate...but instead, I'm going to announce the following:

As of sometime this week, I will be the proud owner of a cat OR be owned by a cat...take your pick. ;D

Depending upon how the adoption process goes and/or what will need to be done to the cat or kitten, I will hopefully be in procession of one before the week's end. So far, the kitty I have my heart and mind set on is an almost fully grown tortoiseshell, obviously a female (calicos and torties can only be female). She is such a sweetie AND *very beautiful* to boot...and she has *really* lit up around me everytime I've seen her in the two-three visits I've made to Mercer County, WV Humane Society. And unless she gets adopted in the next two or three days, I think the chances are good that she will be my cat...and I just got that feeling anyway.

Regarding names, here's what I have come up with in case I happen to not like the cat's given name...

Francis (of course! ;) ), Soo Marie, Amber, Autumn, Cheshire, Chessie, Duchess, Felicia (the cat-woman from the Darkstalkers fighting game series), Kirara (pronounced key-la-la, the name of Sango's cat on Inuyasha), October, Sade (pronounced shar-day)

Of course, I'm open to further how 'bout them, y'all? :)


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