Tuesday, July 11, 2006

While I Look Highly Forward To Seeing the Canes' Official 2006 Stanley Cup DVD...

...even though I don't expect to get it before the end of this month, the following is proof of how I shouldn't do my message board lurking before I have breakfast and/or coffee...


"The DVD was well done...much better production overall than the Raising Canes of 2002, Universal seems to know a thing or two about making movies...overall I think the DVD could have shown more footage of the fans and the tailgating atmosphere for the playoffs...many great moments to enjoy overall though!"

With all due respect to CanesVision, the ones behind Raising Canes, of course the production is going to be better when Warner Bros./Universal* is at the helm. Duh!!

That said, I still love to break out Raising Canes AND always will, seeing how that covers the season/playoff run that got me into hockey. Considering that...

1. CanesVision had not been around too long (only a year or two at the time RC was made).


2. The production goodies they had then were limited, especially compared to the toys they have now. (Seen the clips of "The Rising" game psyche-ups CanesVision did during this year's playoffs? There's something wrong with you if those did/do not get at least one "Wow." to leave your mouth.)

...I think the production values of RC weren't *that shabby*. That said, I have fully expected this year's DVD to be better because of not only the Canes having won Lord Stanley this time around, but also because of Warner Bros./Universal* putting the thing together instead of CanesVision.

* - The NHL.com Store claimed that Warner Bros. were the ones behind the 2006 Stanley Cup DVD, but Universal would make more sense since they and NBC are one and the same.

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