Thursday, September 07, 2006

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin'

It's that most wonderful time of the off-season...namely when the Canes reveal their earth-shattering slogan du jour. And boy, this one is quite the humdinger...

"Be A Champion"

After giving it (a little too much) thought, I think paraphrasing Robert Fripp from his King Crimson's "Einstein's Relatives" puts it best: is HORRIBLE.

That "slogan" doesn't sound like something for a NHL level club...hell, it doesn't sound suitable for EVEN a youth pick-up team, as some in the above linked Score Boards thread are suggesting.

If it seems like I complain a lot about the Canes' slogans...maybe it's because I cannot help that their slogans have been crap since "You'll Know When You Go". And as well as that describes an NHL game experience, even "You'll Know..." had a tendency to be made fun of easily, as CanadaCanes at the said thread pointed out...

"I always got a kick out of the "You'll Know When You Go" slogan...that one always seemed more appropiate for any parent of a small child in diapers..."

And the scary thing? Not only was "You'll Know..." the Canes' best slogan to date, it was also their longest lasting one...from either 1998 or 99 until 2002.

But anyway, as much as I love 'em, the Canes *really* need to get out of the slogan business, AND stay out of it.

Still cannot get over how they did not go with "Whatever It Takes", the most obvious choice for a decent slogan...especially with its already historic value.

But, oh well...whatever.

Current Music: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen