Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What? Hockey Actually Gets Mentioned Here?!

Yes, yes, it does...contrary to what the last few posts may lead you to believe. Such posts are the sins of not a whole lot happening in the Canes/hockey world lately. That is, until today...

First up...despite now being a New York Ranger, Aaron Ward plans to keep Raleigh/Cary as his summer and family residence...



And what's a Ned Barnett Canes-related article without at least one glaring mistake?:

"Aaron Ward, a big contributor to the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup, was traded to the New York Rangers two months ago. But he's having trouble getting from traded away to gone away."

Uh...A Ward wasn't traded, he left on his own terms as a free agent!! Ya big dummy...*

No real surprise about Aaron's residential preferences...it seems a lot of players for sometime will keep their homes where they played for a few years if they *really* like the area. A classic example being (who else if you're a constant reader of this here blog) Ronnie Francis and his preferring to stay around Connecticut during his off-seasons as a Penguin, at least as indicated by the numerous trading cards in my collection.

Speaking of that team in the Burgh, I've saved the best news for last...

As the Malkin Turns might be having a happy ending as of today.

This delights me for not one, but two reasons...

1. Malkin got out of Russia alive.


2. The Penguins are *a little bit more* closer to being playoff contenders again.

But note the emphasis in "a little bit more"...the Pens would be a lot more closer if their goaltending and defense were markedly improved. Thibault and Gonchar royally sucked last season, indicating to me that they may be past the primes they had with the Blackhawks and Capitals, respectively. But now that I've said that, watch them go on a tear...my comments and I seem to have that effect on struggling hockey players.

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* - That was directed at Ned, not Aaron...ya big dummy!