Monday, August 28, 2006

"We Are Singing Minor Scales...Ready, Go!"*

According to one Luke DeCock, the Canes have their sights set upon making the River Rats stronger than ever, ever before.

Wait-a-minute...that makes it sound like the Canes hired KMFDM as the official team band for Albany. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea...especially for the Canes or another NHL team.

Anyway, the Score Boards thread brings up an obvious, but great question regarding this...

"Does it REALLY matter to the success of the big club if the AHL affiliate is any good?"

No, I honestly don't think it does. My lack of following the minor leagues will more than likely show here...but wasn't the 2004-05 season one of, if not THE best in Lowell Lock Monsters history? My point being they weren't really a minor league team with the likes of Eric Staal, Chad LaRose, and Mike therefore, I don't think that season should count. And that said, Lowell was not nearly as good this past season with the aforementioned guys playing with the big club AND helping it win its first Stanley Cup. Not to mention how in 2001-02, I don't think Lowell was the greatest team then either...but that certainly did not effect the Canes' second best playoff performance.

And another classic example using the Canes' new minor league affiliate was beautifully put in the above linked thread...

"From the stand point of being a River Rats, it doesn't matter if the AHL team is any good. I mean NJ have continually had success at the NHL level...and they were still able to develop their prospects in Albany, despite the team absolutely sucking."

Minor league affiliates *are* important to develop...but at the same time, I hope the Canes front office don't stretch themselves too thin.

* - A funny story regarding where this post's title comes from...when I went to Wake Forest Elementary, I had the luck of having Mr. Steve Hobbes for my music teacher. Wonderful teacher, awesome musician...always warms my heart to hear his music played on the MusicChoice Jazz station whenever I decide I want a break from Classic Rock, 70's, 80's, and/or Smooth Jazz. He knew how to get kids to appreciate music (particularly Jazz) and/or simply have fun in class...

...One of his ways of warming up with that was getting the class to sing "We are singing major/minor scales!". Well, every time Mr. Hobbes led off with that, he would throw in "Ready, go!" as the students' cue. I knew not to sing "Ready, go!"...but as for everyone else, well... Let's just say that it was all I could do to not giggle/snicker whenever Mr. Hobbes got a perturbed look on his face during the vocal warm-up. ;)

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