Friday, August 18, 2006

At Long Last!! Actual Canes-Land News!!

Word is from the N&O that Kaberle and Stillman will not be ready by training camp. AND after six years of service, former vice-president Kyle West is saying "Happy trails!!" to the Canes.

Kaberle and Stillman...I was getting ready to say that I was not too worried about these two being out through training camp AND quite possibly the first month of the season. But then I read that they needed surgery...yikes. I was afraid of that, with the shortened off-season and all. I am not going to say anymore 'cause I do not want to start any jinxes, but I hope those injuries of Cory's and Frankie's are not nearly as bad/slow healing as the N&O acts like they may be.

As for Kyle West, I don't think his departure will be as serious as Jim Cain's back in 2002 was perceived. West's greatest contribution to Canes history? Probably coining the infamous "pivotal global events" comment during the infamous outrage over 2006 Eastern Conference Final and SCF ticket prices, as someone pointed out in the above linked thread.

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Edit as of 5:05 PM: And it has now been confirmed that Stillman will be out 3-4 months...*sarcastically* joy. Nothing else has been said about Frankie yet, leading me to believe that he is hopefully not as bad off as Cory.