Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's...SUPER-CONDOM!!!

I am so going to hell for that title...but seriously, if you took away the Chipotle label on what's supposed to be a burrito blimp...

And I used to think that the Hardee's Burger Races at the 2003-04 Canes home games were the stupidest in-game promotion, EVAH. I think the Giant Flying Silver Condom, at the Avalanche home games, tops least the Burger Races didn't make me have a dirty mind. Just made me laugh like a crazy person at the Canes' 2003-04 home opener vs. the Devils, that's all.

For the prudes in the audience: I just realized that *clears her throat and does her best Johnny from Airplane!* the "burrito" blimp also looks like a big Tylenol! But "condom" is funnier...hmmmmm, perhaps maybe we should call up TBS and ask them what they think.

Thanks to Alanah and her Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed for the picture AND idea behind this post. :D

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