Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Think Pink?!

Word is that all thirty NHL teams will be issued a pink jersey, aimed at the female market, to sell this upcoming season. HOPEFULLY not for the players to wear on the ice too...

This is all too reminiscent of when CCM came out with a "women's cut" jersey in 2003. I will never, ever forget how one summer Friday night that year, when I was visiting the Triangle Town Center location of The Eye AND talking to a worker friend there often, the said worker friend wanted to hold up the largest women's cut jersey next to me. Which I let her do, being quite curious as to if the thing would fit or not. I had quite a good figure then, and a size Large, the biggest you could find in those cursed "jerseys", would have been too tight on me. Which then led to my friend and I further making fun of the "jerseys" and saying stuff like they belonged in the Abercrombie and Fitch* across from The Eye.

Ooooh...another gimmicky "jersey" I wish I didn't remember: The ghetto-ized "basketball jersey", also released by CCM in 2003. *Very needless* to say, my friend and I had too much fun ridiculing that one too.

I don't recall seeing that many "getting their fash-on"** with those jerseys...thank god. And apparently, the NHL has quite a short-term memory to approve *yet another* gimmick jersey so quickly.

* - Sorry A&F fans, but I have been and always will be a Gap girl when it comes to the clothing brand name wars. ;P

** - Anyone besides me seen those ads? You know, the ones for Old Navy with the kids jumping up a mile or two high and rapping "We're gonna get our FASH-ON!"? God, I hate them.

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Edit as of August 3rd, 12:59 AM: A thought just dawned on me...I wouldn't be so against the idea of a pink women's jersey if the money from those sold went towards breast cancer research somehow, someway. But as far as I know, the NHL has no such charitable plans for their pinkies. At least with such an idea, the jerseys would still be a gimmick, BUT a VERY GOOD gimmick.

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