Saturday, July 29, 2006

Matt Cullen and Aaron Ward's Pieces of the Lord Stanley Pie

Fine article, as have been most of the other 2006 Stanley Cup World Tour articles. But, I hafta admit that this one tiny part irks me a wittle...

At 1 a.m., a limousine took Ward and the Cup back to his house. "I'm going to sleep with the Stanley Cup," he told his friends. "I slept with it in 1997 when we won it in Detroit and the next year, we won the Cup again. This time, if I sleep with the Cup, maybe the Rangers will win it next year!"

I know, I know...moving onto different teams is all part of the NHL experience and all that. But I don't want the Ranjerks, my second most hated team after the Red Wings and before the Flyers winning the Cup!! Ugh...

If the Rangers and A. Ward do win Lord Stanley, I just may have no choice but to sic
Tim Robbins and the Public News Team on those Blueshirts' ever lovin' rear ends. And yes, I'm including the former Hurricane himself in there. No commercials...NO MERCY!! *takes a puff of a pipe...and then chokes and coughs on it*

BTW, the title of this particular article may the best EVER...Briefs Edge Boxers To Win Stanley Cup! So much for their being Hanes and leaving it at that...

Unfortunately, because YouTube does not have the ad I'm referencing, I will just instead close this with some gentlemen performing the Hanes Underwear Dance(TM).

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