Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Y'Know It's A Slow News Day In Canes-Land When...

...this is the biggest news story thus far.

Once again, what is up with Kid Rock (and now Pamela Anderson) and his involvment with Peter Karmanos and the Canes?!'s not exactly great when your best song ever is "I Am the Bullgod". And upon listening to that song recently, I think my liking that was my middle school age musical taste more-so than anything else.

Also, Pamela Anderson...PAMELA ANDERSON?! I sure as hell hope she doesn't get involved with the Canes, somehow someway. Though, I'm sure a lot of my male readers/fans will disagree with me on that. All I will say at the moment is if my worker friend at The Eye thought the rumors of Jenny McCarthy getting to have a role in the marketing way back around 2003 were bad, those were nothing compared to what could AND might happen. O_O

Current Music: "Stained Class" by Judas Priest