Monday, July 17, 2006

All Aboard the Lord Stanley Express!

Where are the O-Jays and/or the Gap Band when you need'em?

First, but certainly not least...some more on Glen Wesley's excursion to the U.S.M.C. @ Camp Lejeune...

And now in chronological order thus far...Eric Staal and Cam Ward's days and nights out on the town in the Big Apple:

Peter Laviolette's Magical Mystery Tour(!)...which started in Raleigh and ended in Franklin, MA. Roll up!:

Always good to see Wally doing well...just like just about everybody else on the Canes, it's hard to not like the dude. And especially after having the opportunity to talk to Wally a couple of times when I lived in Raleigh AND was able to attend Canes practices more frequently, I must say that if there is any equipment manager truly deserving of Lord Stanley, it's him.

Of course, that jolly C.E.O. of Compuware and owner of the Canes, Mr. Peter Karmanos Jr., had to get in his licks against a certain Hockeytown owner AND rival, and take Lord Stanley on a grand tour of Detroit.

Dude...Compuware has a Hard Rock Cafe?! Flippin' sweet. Learn something new every day...

And, if you don't count the sidetrip back to Raleigh for the 2006 Stanley Cup Champs DVD premiere, the Prize practically just went from outside of Detroit to outside of Toronto thanks to it then being Justin Williams' turn with it.

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