Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Caroline, and I Am A Game Show Geek

As you will learn while there is not much Canes stuff to talk about, for someone who really, honestly does not watch *that much* TV, it's scary how much I know AND will talk about it...

Behold what is already becoming an absolute joke of a Top Fifty Best Ever Game Show List. Of course, I realize that this is GSN we are talking about here, so their somehow screwing up what had (and still has, though I'm not holding my breath) GREAT potential is *really* no freakin' surprise.

But, I think Blockbusters being stashed in the dregs of the latter twenty-five is a big, fat, hairy "Nuff said!" for this thing...especially considering the shows ranked "better" than it thus far:

Shop 'Til You Drop
The $1.98 Beauty Show
(Was this even a game show?! Sure, a parody of beauty pageants...but an honest to goodness game show?!)
Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck

I'm scared to think what else will be added to that AND the list in general...Poker/Blackjack, Street Smarts, Dog Eat Dog, Lingo, and/or Playmania?! And I haven't even touched the "reality" crapola... O_O

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