Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"What's That There On Them Statues?! GIT IT OFF!!!!111!!11!!!1!" Revisited

This should be in a Murphy's Law book or on a poster: Just when you thought you've heard the last of someone, they somehow rear their ugly head again...



Y'know, I am actually not the least bit surprised that this guy is not giving his beef a rest. And I am also not surprised that the Canes aren't stooping to his level and going through with a lawsuit. BUT at the same time, I, for once, kind of wish there was a lawsuit of some kind taking place...sometimes, you gotta stoop to an idiot's level just to make it clear how absolutely wrong (and crazy) they are.

And I think this quote by JeffBear at Scout.com further justifies what I just said:

"...It's a matter of public order. If some fool can get away with taking the law in his own hands on this type of issue, then that sends a bad message to other self-important pratts to do likewise in other scenarios down the road."

Then again, maybe it is good the Canes are not going in that direction...there's no telling how ESPeeN would handle such news. Hell, they've made today's news the big headline on their front page, at least for this morning.

Not to mention how sometimes, the perfect zinger cancels out the need for something like a lawsuit...a perfect zinger such as this one from Canes marketing honcho/spokesperson, Howard Sadel:

"For me, the bigger concern is someone on state property wielding a box cutter with an obvious hairline temper."

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Edit as of 3:48 PM: This was/is too good of a take on the (highly ridiculous) matter at hand to not post in addendum.

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