Monday, July 31, 2006

Nothing Could Be Finer...

...than to wake up in Wisconsin in the mooooorning!

Ever wondered what a real life version of Andy and Opie's house would look like?

I can't say as if I have ever done that.

Also reminds me of a story I heard on the radio quite a few years ago about this man from North Carolina who went up to either Wisconsin or Minnesota to work for either a phone or electric company in a very small town there. Well one morning, a woman called acting like she had a problem with her phone line/electricity. But it turned out that she faked the call because she *had* to find out from the "North Carolina slicker" if there really was a Mayberry. It was all the man could do to stifle his laughter (and I suspect his being a little irritated that the nut was clogging up his phone line). And I thought it was hilarious too (of course, I was about eleven-twelve years old at the time)...though my mother, a HUGE Andy Griffith fan, has never known what to make of that story.

Perhaps that woman is one half of the couple behind that Mayberry-themed bed and breakfast inn.

Not to mention that, speaking of my mother and her TV fandom, if only they could move that B&BI down to Mount Airy, NC...I bet I know where she then would love to go for her and my dad's wedding anniversary (which took place just this past Friday). Yes folks, she's *that* big a fan of the Barney Fife Show (at least, that's the era I prefer to watch).

Current Music: "Shoot High, Aim Low" by Yes