Friday, August 04, 2006

Forslund To OLN/Versus/Whatever AND Bayda-Watch

Imagine waking up AND the very first post you see at the Canes MB is:

'Forslund To OLN'

When I saw that, I uttered an "Oh crap.", but then proceeded to read the following, a snippet from the Raleigh News and Observer article about the deal...

"Forslund will join OLN's stable of announcers, working national telecasts on the cable network when it doesn't conflict with his Hurricanes duties on Fox Sports Net South.

"It's a professional challenge," Forslund said Thursday. "It's always good to be involved and flattering they'd be interested in using me. It's another opportunity to grow the game and grow what I do."

OLN, which will change its name to Versus in September, is expected to release its schedule of national NHL broadcasts next week, and FSN South's Hurricanes schedule is expected this month. Forslund's national dates won't be determined until both schedules are final."


If Forslund was leaving FSN South, that, my friends, would have been the end of my subscribing to NHL Center Ice. Not having Mike Lange doing the Penguins' play-by-play is pretty rugged enough...the Canes don't need the NHL's other best play-by-play man leaving them too.

Later this afternoon, it was announced that Ryan Bayda has returned to the Canes...

First Bowl-of-Rice and now this. What's next? The grand return of Jeff O'Neill (which I honestly wouldn't mind...but I am QUITE WELL AWARE that I am in the minority on that one)? Bates Battaglia? Sami Kapanen? Sean Hill (another one I wouldn't mind...again, probably in the minority on that)?

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