Thursday, August 17, 2006

Return of the Ghostbusters?!

Holy. Crap.

I cannot believe this is fan-made.

I don't know whether to love these guys or kick their arse because now all I'm going to think about all day is this movie...which *is* real, BTW. Don't know if the same could be said for the Freddy Krueger crossover, which I also now *really* wanna see too, existing or not.

Current Music: "The Battle of Epping Forest" by Genesis

Edit as of 1:57 PM: Yes Virginia, with many thanks to Bumblebtw, there *is* also a Ghostbusters vs. Freddy Krueger movie...

...AND an OUTSTANDING Red Wings vs. Avalanche film. Gotta love that Godzilla movie-like dubbing.

How, in this brave new world, can such people like the Avs front office AND entertainment crew deprive their team's fans of that over three minute long stroke of genius?!

Geez...and I thought forcing the "Giant Flying Silver Condom" upon the poor Avs faithful was evil enough. o_O