Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Mixed Drink Named After Ron Francis?

Calling all Raleighites, current and former...

Being not only one of Ronnie's LARGEST fans (as if one can't tell from the occasional posts here), but also now an aspiring bartender, I am wondering is a mixed drink named "Ron Francis" still being made in Raleigh? Here's what I remember from this very subject bring posted at a Canes board I read two-three years ago...and it's not much:

- The restaurant/bar that made/still makes(?) the Ron Francis is/was located on Glenwood Ave.

- The drink was said to have cranberry juice and/or Amaretto in it.

The closest thing I can find so far in my Bartender's Black Book is the "Roman Iced Tea", which does have cranberry juice and Amaretto, but also FIVE other ingredients. And I don't remember the drink being said to have more than three or four ingredients...though, I could very well be wrong since it was three years ago when I read about this.

I'd love to have this drink in my arsenal for entertaining family and friends AND possibly parties and/or weddings whenever I take my bartending skills on the road, so any info about this would be very well appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

BTW, my first foray into actually bartending this weekend went GREAT...I'll be posting about that and the recipes later today or tomorrow.

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