Friday, August 25, 2006

David Tanabe Has Lunch In Raleigh, Film At Eleven

Remember him? Tanabe *was* on the 2002 Stanley Cup Finalist team, and just like Sami Kapanen, missed out on a ton of the playoff action due to an injury. But unlike Kappy, David went on to be traded to the Phoenix Coyotes during 2003, then the Boston Bruins during the lockout, and then nobody as of right now. Because of the absolute latter AND the said lunch that took place with Canes honchos today, there is speculation that the Canes may be entertaining picking up Tanabe either just for the hell of it OR as a replacement for a possibly injured Kaberle or Hedican.

I honestly don't know how to feel about Tanabe coming back to the Canes...but somehow, I would not be surprised given how this summer has been a comeback tour of sorts with the returns of Shane Willis, Jesse Boulerice, and Ryan Bayda.

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