Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As If the 2002-03 Comeback Tour Was Not Already Official Enough...

...it becomes even more so with the signing of David Tanabe.



Y'know, the weirdest crap with my absolute most favorite teams just about always seems to happen whenever I go somewhere for a few hours, be it for an appointment or every woman's favorite hobby in shopping. Another classic example of this: When I spent an afternoon at Triangle Town Center on a certain December day in 2003, I came home to immediately find out that Paul Maurice (along with Randy Ladouceur) was out and Peter Laviolette was in as head coach (along with Jeff Daniels as assistant coach). Amazing, simply amazing how so much can happen in so little time. O_O

Anyway, Tanabe, or Nobber, or "Snuggles", take your pick, has never quite been a favorite of mine...as you may have figured out from the third name, Tanabe has not really been the toughest d-man ever in the Canes' arsenal. And I don't think anything sums that up better than my fondest Nobber memory: Late in the 2002-03 season, in a game versus the Florida Panthers...because Tanabe was not doing his part in hitting someone like he should have, Hedican came over AND hit him. I didn't like that happening at the time, but thinking back on that AND being a little older AND now having seen a Cup won, I can safely have a jolly good laugh about it. That is, until opening night, when Snuggles shows his "stuff". I seriously hope I am wrong in my feelings about Nobber... (sighs)

In other news...Bruno St. Jacques officially remains a (Mighty) Duck...and I think I also just heard the sobs of a thousand Caniac puckbunnies.

And 'cause it can never be said enough...my gawd, the Ducks' new duds and colors are *still* ugly. Hmmmm...perhaps somebody in their front office is a Hans Christian Andersen fan.

Also, TSN thinks they have a hunch that Brad Isbister wants to be taken by storm from Cheers.


If this is true...why didn't Jim Rutherford and Co. snatch Braddy-boy up instead of Nobber?! I would not want a GM's job...but it's times like these that make me understand how some feel they can do a better job than the one who is currently GM of their beloved club.

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