Sunday, April 25, 2004

Some Horrible News: Another Update

My mother, brother, and father all went and visited my grandmother today (for those of you wondering, I finally will visit her either Tuesday and/or Thursday, my days off from work). I will not say her state is deteriorating because it's not, but she's going through some wild mood swings with all the painkilling medication she is on AND the pain itself. My mother and brother, who visited in the morning-early afternoon, were lucky and caught my grandmother when she was more stable...but unfortunately, my dad, who obviously took over in the late afternoon-early evening, had the luck of my grandmother's painkillers wearing off AND being moved to another room for no particular reason. The latter not only burned my dad up, but me grandmother was moved from a very nice private room to a room that she has to share with not a woman, BUT A MAN. I suppose this makes me old-fashioned/prudish, but I've always been under the impression that if you're a woman, you share a hospital room with another woman, and the same for men. Not to mention how the service at the hospital was pee-poor. My dad actually had to remind someone that my grandmother needed her painkillers renewed!

With all that said, I just hope my grandmother makes it through the night...according to my mother, her face was bruising up bad. :(