Saturday, May 08, 2004

G.D. Preaches It About Preachy Comics

I gotta get out an "AMEN!" to the above linked article by the N&O's G.D. Gearino, someone whose articles I've really gotten into lately. While I am normally not one to care about politics per se, get into heated political debates online, etcetera; I myself have got to question this need among various entertainers to show a brazen liberal attitude. Is there a written rule somewhere that when you get into entertaining, you have to be preachy about world issues and crap? If there is, it had to be scribed by Alan "This damn war!" Alda, whose taking over as producer/director was the final nail in M.A.S.H.'s coffin. Whatever happened to entertaining for the sake of, well, entertaining? Entertainment makes the world go 'round as much as, if not more than politics and social issues. The only pieces of entertainment to ever meld with political and social issues successfully was All In the Family, at least until Meathead and Gloria had Joey and moved out of the Bunkers' home; and The Jeffersons.

And at the risk of being a little hypocritical: I cannot help but agree with the many declaring the "war" in Iraq the next Vietnam. I was very much for the purpose of going there, to put Saddam Hussein out of power and capture him. But now that that's been done, why don't we just get the hell out of there, ok? I normally wouldn't even bring this up, but I cannot help but be a little concerned about the talks of a potential war draft. I know I probably shouldn't be worried, since women are supposed to be exempt from such a thing. But, I'm very willing to bet my sweet bippy that some feminist wacko will come along and say some crap about if the draft is good enough for men, then women should be included too. And people wonder why I hate feminism...if such a thing happens, then to paraphrase Floyd from The Andy Griffith Show AND quote my favorite former Canes player and captain: I'm going to Toronto. Then again, I've heard rumors that even Canada is entertaining the idea of a draft... (insert a frightened emoticon and dramatic organ music here)