Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #12, Volume One

1. That game against the Thrashers royally sucked. I knew the Canes would eventually end their franchise record winning streak...but, damn.


2. People better not dare say I am an annoying fan after the invasion by "Grandma Moron" at said game. "Grandma Moron" is the nickname I'm "lovingly" calling this old woman Thrashers fan who makes a complete ass of herself on and off TV AND in opposing teams' arenas (and at the Philips Arena too, I am sure), AND has horrible, HORRIBLE autograph etiquette. The latter is so bad ("How bad is it?") It is so bad, that players run away from Grandma Moron whenever she is within sight, even if there's protection in the form of plexiglass and rows of seats. Don't believe me? Then just ask Frantisek Kaberle, AND these two Caniacs at

as far as Grandma.....she moved down to right behind me!! UGH!!! she is annoying.....the camera was on her alot. I wanted to put my hand on her mouth.
She is known to mow young kids down to get to the players coming off the ice. I was tryiing to help NCCANES son to my spot and she was all over me. I had to hold her back so he could get in there. Pathetic.

(Same poster @

I am mad at my seatmates for taking off half way through the third period and letting GRANDMA and her gronies come down and sit behind me. UGH!!...How annoying that was. For those that think she is just a sweet ole lady....she is not loved in Atlanta. She will mow over any young kid to get to the players. I had to hold her back so that nccanes son could get to my spot after the game and she was not easy to hold back. She kept saying *but aren't you happy for our goalie*.....AAHHHHH NO!!!

I think I could now write a book on 'Grandma's' antics- not that I want to or anything- but I feel like this nutjob is like waldo- she's everywhere that I'm at- but mercifully, I only had to see her from a distance yesterday, and that was plenty- - if you recall my post over a year ago when hub and I went to Columbus for the WC of Hockey/Team USA Training camp, she was in all her glory and had not only Team Canada heading for the hills (Lecavalier, Theodore, Brodeur, Richards & Thornton) due to all of them knowing she sold autographed stuff on ebay- but she had the entire Russian team literally crossing the other side of the street to get away from her---(Kvasha, KOVALCHUK & Samsonov ran from her and poor Ovechkin was left to figure it out on his own and got 'caught' signing for her) She also bulldozed through several children (under 8 year olds) who were posing for photos and getting autos with Iginla and Gagne-basically pushing the children away from both players and saddling up to them both (mortified as they were) with a Team Canada jersey conveniently in her bag of tricks- much to the horror of the parents who had made it a family vacation to Columbus for the week of WC training camp. She fools people with the white hair and that Grandma tag- and she should be ashamed of herself, but clearly could care less- she's on a mission.

As far as I know, in all of the E-Baying I have done (and it's a lot I have done over the last year and a half), I have not bought anything from Atlanta or Georgia in general. But now that I know that Grandma Moron is not only, well, a moron, but an E-Bay seller can bet your sweet bippy that I'm going to *very wary* of any Ron Francis/hockey collectibles hailing from BravesTown or the Peach State. No way do I want to support that freak, her gimmicks, and her crapola in general.

AND all that said, I may wear a mask and carry a toy hockey stick to games, but at least I do not mow over little kids or bug players to the point that they run away from me OR be a complete hog's ass when it comes to the spotlight and/or autographs. Not to mention that whenever I visit an opposing team's arena, I will be *very respectful* of my surroundings, the players playing on both teams, AND the fans of whichever team's arena in which I happen to be visiting.


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