Monday, December 26, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #15, Volume One

I know, I know...long time, no write. But that is a good thing in a way because it means that your and my Carolina Hurricanes have been doing good for the most part. Which, is pretty dang impressive for December, one of the Canes' historically worst months. They actually didn't do horrible tonight at Tampa Bay, but they did not do all that great either. Keepin' it short and simple, if the Canes' D/penalty kill unit did not allow that stupid shorthanded goal in the second period OR Gerber's being all the way in Iowa did make for a 3-3 tying goal in the same period, they would be on top of the 'Ning by eleven big ones. That said, the Canes have GOT to find a way to beat the more and more pesky Lightning in the remaining four games against them. Hopefully it won't come down to it, but the Canes' shot at the number three seed (if they don't move up to first or second in the Eastern Conference) could *very well* depend on those chances to keep a lead on Tampa.

And BTW, a note to one Mr. Dave Andreychuk...what is up with your hair?! It makes John Forslund's hair look quite stylish...and that's saying quite a bit. Barry Melrose may have to step aside...there's a new Mullet Prince* in town.

On a non-hockey related note...Tales of Symphonia kicks serious tail. I've never been the largest RPG nut. While I do *really like* the Dragon Quest/Warrior series and the Inuyasha RPG (titled Secret of the Cursed Mask), otherwise, I find a lot of RPG series highly overrated...especially Final Fantasy**, the Chrono series, and the Xenosaga series. But, I have always thought that if there was a highly rated RPG series I would not mind trying, it's the Tales of Destiny one, of which Symphonia is the latest installment. After what little I've played of Symphonia, I will have to eventually look into playing Tales of Phantasia and Secret of Mana, which I have on my PC's big-a** old school arcade...the latter I think being part of the ToD series because of Mana being talked about a lot in Symphonia. But hey, I could be wrong...

* - The Mullet King title *still* belongs to Jaromir Jagr...and all you need for proof of that is
this picture.

** - Not that I totally hate the Final Fantasy series...I *do* like to occasionally play Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japanese numbering) on my PC. That might increase too, thanks to ToS.


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