Monday, February 27, 2006

The Buttugly Uniforms Revisited

Something I have not realized until I read Jes Golbez's latest Hockey Rant...

"As CasonBlog mentioned in my comments, Team Sweden deserves major kudos for sticking with their traditional uniforms and rejecting the Nike crap the other teams were wearing.

Nike, stay the hell out of hockey! You might know basketball, but you don't know hockey, and your 'jerseys' suck ass."

That, the fact that the team who won the Gold was also the one who shunned Nike's "jerseys", *really* should tell the said company something. But seeing as two thirds, if not more, of Nike's employees are from Mars, they probably don't give two sheds about such stuff.

*sighs* Speaking of aliens, I wish one of those big-ass ships from Independence Day would come and blow Nike and/or Reebok off of the planet. A little extreme, I know. But, the more I read, hear, and see of Nike AND Reebok's ideas for hockey jerseys, the more I start to understand various peoples' venom towards those companies.


Blogger CasonBlog said...

Amen sister.

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