Monday, March 06, 2006

Advertising Is Getting Quite Nauseating

Y'know, I thought it couldn't get any worst than "It's Crumb-believable" sung to EMF's "Unbelievable" for some Kraft (I think) product...but I have just now heard "I want cookies!!" sung to Bow-Wow-Wow's "I Want Candy" about some new Reese's product.

I realize that the songs were already cheesy enough as they were...but did Madison Avenue *really* have to tamper with them like that? Ugh...

Edit: A wittle think those ads mentioned above are bad? While I was watching Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel last night, I saw a new ad for Applebee's that mangled the Gilligan's Island theme into a song about the Shrimp Menu at the said restaurant chain.

To say it was bad would be a understatement...try this on for size instead: It would make Sean Hill cry. Yes, it is *that* horrible. o_O


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