Thursday, March 23, 2006

The L.A. Kings: A Stanley Cup Calibur Team?!

Bwa hah hah!!

Yesterday, my brother and I were talking about the Kings and the firing of Andy Murray...and my brother proceeded to tell me that despite doing that, the Kings think they are "a Stanley Cup calibur team". Again, bwa hah hah!!

Unless there is something I've missed, the Kings are...

1. A walking/skating M*A*S*H unit.


2. A couple of places away from that sacred #8 seed.

And you know, just because a team fires its coach AND wins the Stanley Cup like the 1999-2000 New Jersey Devils did does not mean that history will repeat itself.

Of course, now that I have said that, the Kings will somehow get in the playoffs and make me eat my words. You watch it happen, and remember, you read it here first.


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