Friday, March 10, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMND AND Overlooked Remix of the Week!

I have to say that I hate classical remixes with a passion...seriously, whenever a remix from a favorite game gets posted and I click on it to check it out, only to find it's another freakin' classical remix, I can't help but yell at my PC:


And in all honesty, I sometimes hate being that way, because I have no doubt that the Classical genre of remixing is the one that takes the most work, even more-so than Jazz. And speaking of Jazz, whenever I visit OC Remix, I more often than not want something that is either jazzy and/or rocks. Admittedly, Classical has never really been a favorite genre of The Nutcracker Suite and a few other famous works. And yet, I love progressive rock, which combines Classical and Rock...go figure.

Anyhoo, this week's remix is a simple classical piano mix of various gloomy themes from Legend of Zelda 3: Link To the Past...see if you can pick out those themes. :)

Keeping up the Zelda's jungle out there in Hyrule, as not only proven by the above link, but also this one...


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