Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Canes/Sabres - Game Two: Random Musings and Observations

- MUCH BETTER. In these aspects AND quite possibly more:


Defense (KILLER moves by A. Ward and Wes...let us all hope they are not too banged up)



ESPECIALLY that last one...didn't hear nearly as much, IF ANY cheering whenever Buffalo scored. A lot more much needed support for the Canes this time around...perhaps some people are reading my responses to Ronnie Franchise's blog, at least the one to his post about Game One of this series, where I acknowledged the crowd issue. That said, after what I posted in response to his comments regarding Game Two, maybe there will be a Caniac invasion in Buffalo. It's certainly not *completely impossible*... ;D

- On a somewhat non-related note, Stanley is coming...stay tuned.

Current "Music": The $100,000 Pyramid on GSN (Can't...resist...Winner's...Circle...)

Edit: If you get the time, read this and that...as if we did not need anymore proof of why the Canes deserve a certain Cup AND the Sabres, or at least their fans anyway, do not.

Current Music as of the edit: "I Feel Free" by Cream


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