Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Picture Book - Page Three: The Hillsborough Street Parade

These are GREAT pictures of the second Stanley Cup parade held in Raleigh...but, what is up with magnet name plates on the cars? I realize the team has picked up a lot of bandwagoner fans (as any Lord Stanley winning team is bound to do), BUT do they *really* need help identifying the players? I can understand having the name plates for staffers/front office types like Wally Tatomir, Skip Cunningham, Chris Huffine*, Jim Rutherford, Jason Karmanos, and even John Forslund, Tripp Tracy, and Chuck Kaiton. BUT the players? My faith in mankind is starting to sink if nobody can learn to look at the backs of the jerseys the players are wearing.

Honestly...even without the jerseys, how can anyone not recognize Mike Commodore (especially considering this parade *was* before the charity haircut) or Rod Brind'Amour?! That'd be just as bad as people not recognizing Ron Francis, Jeff O'Neill, or Arturs Irbe back in 2002 or earlier, when they used to be in the occasionally seen advertisements for the team. Hell, even before I seriously got into the Canes and hockey, I at least knew who Ron Francis was, his being the figurehead for the team and all at the time.

And just 'cause it needs to be noted, this tirade probably wouldn't exist if the players were not wearing their jerseys.

* - Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Canes' video coordinator, whom I somewhat knew through his being/having been the boyfriend of one of the secretaries of my family's old chiropractor when we used to live in Raleigh.

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