Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 2006 NHL Awards

After reading some initial comments, I was a little worried that the Canes were getting overlooked. But thank you NHL for easing my fears and giving Brindy a MUCH DESERVED Selke.

But, regarding the Jack Adams Award...I realize it was pretty neck and neck between Lindy "Hulk Hogan" Ruff and Peter Laviolette. BUT WHY LINDY?!?! Obviously, the Jack Adams is not given out based on amount of class. That said, I really would not mind Lindy getting his mitts on the award if he had not said all of that classless sh*t against the Canes during the Eastern Conference Finals. But of course, I also realize that Lindy won by one vote...probably Bettman's. (sighs and rolls her eyes)

In all honesty, I did not really watch the NHL Awards show...but apart from what I mentioned above, sounds/reads like I didn't miss a whole lot. Especially on the entertainment front...they couldn't get Mike Myers to do the comedy bits? He's a hockey fan too AND ESPECIALLY actually funny, unlike whoever was on tonight. I'm also not surprised that the band was supposedly crappy...I don't know what it is about hockey and bad music sometimes. o_O

Current Music: "It's On" by Boney James

Edit as of 11:32 PM: I just read here that Lindy said something in his speech that sounded like an apology to Lavy. If that's true, then I somewhat take back what I said above...I say "somewhat" because I'll never be all that fond of the crap Lindy said during the ECF.

Oh, and BTW, it's Lady BYNG!! Not BING!! Can't believe all the people misspelling that...