Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lobotomies According To Dr. Tripp Tracy

This was/is too danged rich to pass up...

"You saw the sequel to Silence of the Lambs? Where the guy did the lobotomy on that guy? If you were doing a lobotomy on Staal, you would find a brain that thinks the game so well."

Oh the things I miss when I don't have access to the lovely CBC. God, I wish DirecTV would offer Canadian channels/feeds all the time AND not just on Center Ice...

It's quotes like that one that actually make me miss seeing/hearing Tripp Tracy, in all of his glorious nutheaded-ness, throughout almost an entire regular season. Now, as much as I've dug Center Ice this past season AND hope to dig it some more in future seasons, I was/will be lucky to pick up the John and Tripp Show for at least fifteen-twenty games.

As followers of moi since 2003 (when I regularly updated my (now defunct) Canes replaced by my blogs) can tell you, I've always had an obsession with getting on Tripp about his quirks. In 2002-03 and 2003-04, Tripp had quite the fixation with food, making for some downright amusing moments with John Forslund (and Rod Brind'Amour in the extreme latter part of 2002-03, when he'd hang out in the press box while letting his wrist heal). He's kept that fixation this past season...and added to it quite the obsession with groins. o_O Then again, I guess that was quite inevitable with not only the HUGE rash of groin injuries throughout 2005-06, but also Tripp's infamous exchange with Sean Hill about the latter's groin being named "Ginger", which took place during the first intermission of the November 1st, 2003 game at Tampa Bay.

Don't ask me how I remember the contents of that last sentence...which, believe it or not, I did not make up. O_O And if I still had the game recorded (which I did *very briefly* until the next game a couple of days later), I would find a way to upload that rather surreal player interview onto YouTube or something similar...just to prove that I'm (somewhat) not crazy.

BTW Tripp, I believe you are thinking of Hannibal.

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