Sunday, June 18, 2006

Canes/Oilers - Game Six: Random Musings and Observations

After reading the boards tonight AND
a certain most favorite ever player of mine's blog over the past couple of days, I think a few disclaimers are in order before I proceed with my thoughts on tonight's game:

1. Don't expect a "Rah-rah!" mentality a few lapses here and there, I have always tried to be a realistic minded fan. Just because I'm realistic does not mean I am not "a true fan".

2. Speaking of those last three words in quotes, don't you dare try to start that sh*t up here. It's bad enough having to wade through such crap at the boards AND in Ronnie's blog. Not to mention how I carry a nice, delete/ban stick AND am not afraid to use it, should anyone try to start chaos here.

3. Just like my realistic-ness/criticism, just because I'm sarcastic with my thoughts and comments does not mean I am not "a true fan".

4. Read #2 again.

OK, now that I've gotten all of that out...

- I'm so sorry if this hurts certain people's feelings, but my gawd, the Canes could not get anymore rotten than they were tonight.

- The Canes didn't just not go for the jugular again, they flat out fell asleep on the hunt. Where was the skating, on which Lavy and Co. prided themselves? Where was ANY SORT of retaliation? If there's anything that royally gets to me right now, it's how the Oil have one-upped the Canes in having a freakin' enforcer. I may not be all that fond of Georges Laraque, but he is the sort of player the Canes are sorely missing.

- That said, it's not like the Canes don't have an enforcer...they have guys that can do that as a double-role. I'm looking at you Craig Adams AND ESPECIALLY Mike Commodore. I would think if anyone would be willing to put up their dukes, you would Robe-Boy. You sure haven't been afraid to do such stuff, that is, until tonight.

- Yeah, I'm being down on the Canes AND in general. BUT, who can't be feeling that way right now? Bottom line is It sucks to see your favorite team have a 3-1 lead go down the toilet like the Canes have. I never thought I'd say this, but just ask fans of the Red Wings, particularly those who remember 1942.

- BUT, you know something? I may be feeling down and out, but not to the point that I'm going to jump on the "OH MY GOD!!!!11!!1!11!!! The Canes won't do it!! The end of the world is here!!" bandwagon. Even if the Canes lose Game Seven, I won't like it AND more than likely will piss and moan about it here, but I will move on AND remain a fan of the Canes. AND I certainly hope people don't dump their fandom just because their team were Finalists. Better to be Finalists than First Round losers like many had the Canes painted at a certain point in the Carolina/Montreal series. But unfortunately, you just can't please everyone, as I'm aware AND constantly learn anyway.

- For the sake of karma, I'm not even going to post if I think the Canes are going to win or otherwise. BUT, I think all of you know what I certainly want to happen...

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Edit as of 12:53 PM: Honestly can't believe I forgot to mention this...but, besides Cam Ward, the only other player to look fairly decent last night was Erik Cole, who made quite the surprising, as in absolutely last minute, return. When I first heard about Colesey's intentions, I was rather concerned. But very thankfully, he played and never got badly scathed. Erik may not have scored, but he's back ladies and gentlemen.

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