Thursday, June 15, 2006

Canes/Oilers - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

- Ok, it's official: The Alberta Tea are royally getting on my nerves.

- BUT, at the same time, so are my beloved Canes. Why didn't they go for the jugular tonight?! They usually have the brains and where was the Miller Time*? I could go could swear that the Oilers wanted the Cup more than the Canes did. And in that regard, at the risk of having a few Caniacs demanding my head on a silver platter, the Oil deserved tonight's game more than the Canes did.

- How 'bout that Cory Stillman? The one some of you were saying deserved a Conn Smythe more than Brindy, Staal, or (Cam) Wardo? Are your bells still chiming for that after that "magnificent play" Cory made in the OT?! I never really had him pegged for a potential Conn Smythe winner, and tonight certainly did not help in that regard.

- Believe it or not, despite the overall tone of that previous comment, I don't totally lay this loss at Cory's skates. This loss was a team effort...Robe-Boy and Brindy took stupid penalties and the defense was not that hot. Then again, I realize that it's hard for the D to play well when two of their more crucial players are hampered by potential injuries.

- That said, I'm glad that (Aaron) Ward, Wes, and Weight are apparently ok and still able to play, at least as far as we know. Their being out during tonight's game, coupled with the gut feeling at OT that this series could very well go to six games, made for quite the chilling feeling.

- I may very well be in the minority on this, but I have a good feeling that the Canes *can* take Game Six in E-Town. If they can stay somewhat healthy, avoid the box, and again realize the team they have played AND still can play as, the Canes can very well rub it in the faces of not only the Oilers team, BUT ALSO the Oil Nation itself. And that, my friends and readers, would be something to see indeed.

And come to think of it, even though I had been rooting for a Raleigh series win, I wouldn't mind seeing the series end in Edmonton...nothing would be more freakin' sweet than to see the Canes win it, close OR a blowout, after the Oil's fancy smancy game intro. Yeah, I tend to be mean like that...

* - Don't you dare get "cute" with me, Sabre fans. ;P

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