Saturday, June 10, 2006

Canes/Oilers - Game Three: Random Musings and Observations

- Unlike a lot of Caniac message boarders (at least those at, I *really* did not see a good Canes team take to the ice in the Rexall Centre tonight. And of course the Oilers are going to look great when the opposition is making like a Hoover... (shakes her head and sighs)

- The only Cane to shine out of the whole bunch was Cam Ward...nobody else came close, not even Brindy. How some could say he stuck out good with his lack of face-offs won AND a *very blatant* cross-check is beyond me...yeah, I know Brindy got the Canes' only goal. But, that sometimes doesn't mean diddily...and this is one of those sometimes.

- Am I in America, or have I somehow been magically transported to Canada? I had to keep checking the station I.D. to make sure I was not picking up C(rappy)B(ob)C(ole) instead of NBC...I thought the American hockey mediots hated Canadian teams. Then again, I guess anything goes when "that team from the city with the crappy hick fans" (as the said mediots would love for you to believe) hits the Finals. (rolls her eyes) Grrrrrrrr...

- Speaking of the whole America vs. Canada mish-mash, I could not have been the only one disgusted by the constant cheering throughout "The Star Spangled Banner". Y'know Oil faithful, we Caniacs were pretty quiet AND respectful when "O Canada" was sung at BOTH Games One and Two. Why couldn't you have returned the favor this evening?

- I have tried to keep this bottled up AND darnit, I can't do it any longer: That secondary Oilers logo reminds me of Winston Rothschild from The Red Green Show.

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Blogger sacamano said...

The Oilers fans were cheering for the US anthem, not for the Oilers on top of the anthem. Many of them were actually singing along.

It all goes back to the San Jose series when the Sharks fans booed the Canadian Anthem. There was much ballyhoo about whether the Oil fans would retaliate by booing the US Anthem -- instead they sang and cheered.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Stormbringer said...

I'll repeat here what I said to a LiveJournal friend, who responded to the exact same post in my LJ earlier...

I figured if anything gets me a lot of comments over the next day or so, it is what I said about cheering during an anthem.

It may very well be a personal thing for me...or a Southern thing. I was taught that making a noise during an anthem, with the exception of singing along (which I am very cool with, believe it or not), is very disrespectful.

If you think my rant was ought to see the occasional debates regarding how people are during the national anthem at Canes games. Following up on my "a Southern thing" comment, the majority of Caniacs are quiet or singing along during the anthem. BUT, there are a few who have the urge to show off their NC State Wolfpack pride, and shout "RED!!!!" when the singer hits the "And the rockets' red glare..." lyric, as you and others across the States and Canada may have heard during Game One. And there are many, including myself, who find that to be rather disrespectful.

As for the end of the anthem, cheering during *that* is considered very kosher. It's just during the anthem that gets up a few's dander.

12:59 AM  
Blogger sacamano said...

Fair enough -- but you should also consider that the cheering during the beginning of the anthem is largely due to the fact that it is totally impossible to hear when he starts. I was at Game 3 vs Detroit (when the crowd was just getting warmed up), and I couldn't hear him start.

The only way you could tell that he was singing was when they finally showed him on the jumbotron, after which people quieted down and started singing along.

12:08 PM  
Blogger sacamano said...

Not to dwell on this, but this article had this to say:

"But what blew everybody away this night was the great gusto the Canadian fans had in singing the U.S. national anthem. Has the Star Spangled Banner ever been sung that loud anywhere outside the U.S.? American writers were suggesting it was certainly the loudest their anthem had been sung on either side of the border this Stanley season."

So, characterizing the Rexall fans as disrespectful is a bit iffy to me.

1:37 PM  

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