Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some Random Crap Before Game Three Finally Gets Here

- Guess what yours truly had done for the first time yesterday? My very first makeover...and at a Clinique counter too. Clinique's good stuff, and they even make nail polish too. Got a nice copper colored one called Sunset to try...a little something different from the usual silvers and/or reds.

- Also had lunch at Quizno's...I LOVE their prime rib sandwich. That, Miss Vickie's Lime and Black Pepper potato chips, and a Sobe Nirvana (Mango and Melon flavor) make for darned great eating. Too bad Quizno's is no longer "an official sponsor of the NHL". You know you are truly a hockey geek when you remember stickers saying that quote being stuck all over the said chain's restaurants a couple of years ago.

- I hate relying on for my Eastern Conference Finals Champs goods AND quite possibly some more for a certain series going on right now.

- I hate relying on PBS for my Red Green/Canadian TV fix. Everything was cool until they started those freakin' pledge drives...and as if the redundancy AND idiocy (I've lost count of how many times I want to smack the guy who calls Red Green and Co.'s meeting place "Possum Holler"'s Possum LODGE, you twit!!) of those is bad enough, they scare you too! If we are to believe the West Virginia PBS affiliate, they only raised $200 or $300 for The Red Green Show tonight, and they supposedly need $5,000 to keep it. Of course such crapola happens when I start *really* enjoying a show...thank god for DVDs AND I am not paying $200 for two DVDs, no way Jose.

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Blogger Michael said...

Well, go to Damons like I do. If you watched Game 1 or 2, you'd be convinced that they were the official sponsor.

Yea, the pledge drives are anoying. Way to go, PBS, hold your programming hostage! But they'll just get their money from you eventually in taxes.

11:39 PM  

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