Monday, June 12, 2006

Canes/Oilers - Game Four: Random Musings and Observations

- 2-1? I'll take addition to favoring the Canes, it also favors me winning this NHL score prediction contest in which I participate at a sports card/collectible board I visit. Thanks to tonight's score, I now take a two game cushioned lead. 8)

- Cam Ward just sent the following note to certain Oilers fans/bandwagoners:

Dear Oil Nation,
I'm gunning for a Conn Smythe. Deal with it.

Yours (you wish),


And much as I respect Brindy, Staalsy, and really, the rest of the Canes; anyone getting the MVP award over Cam would practically be a crime in my (not-so) humble opinion. I mean, look at how much the Canes overall jazzed up their game since Wardo took his place in the crease vs. Montreal.

- Geez NBC, we get it...all of you, especially Pierre McGuire, wanna have the Oilers' babies!! Don't know how y'all will manage to do that. But hey, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, I guess anyone can...

- Speaking of the Black Gold, Texas Tea, etcetera, the following comment by CTCaneFan at the Canes MB gave me a chuckle...especially after all the theatrics during the beginning of Game Three...

"Am I the only one who wants to fire a Bazooka at the Oilers' gold platinum batcave entrance/elevator thing? It sure is fancy and shiny and opens from bottom to top, unlike your typical dressing room doors. You think Petey K might buy the team a snazzy dressing room door like that if we manage to win two more games? Do they have a few black......I mean Blue and Orange knights guarding it, exclaiming that "none shall pass"? I hope they show it again tonight! We can wait with baited breath and after a moment or two the golden door will woosh up......and Zingo.....out will march the Edmonton Oilers....uniformily paced about 15 feet from one another......marching half the arena length to emerge under the mighty fire encrusted Oil Rig! Then Opera.....I have it on secret authority that after both anthems are sung, a dozen straping Mounties will perform the "Lumberjack Song" Then and only then can we play some pomp & soiled armour hockey. puck drops at 8:52 after the Oilers crew changes the baseboards at the last minute."

The scary thing? I kind of want to see Mounties perform "The Lumberjack Song"... o_O

- Just one more game...ONE. MORE. GAME. Man, after 2002, I never thought the Canes would come this close to winning you-know-what in just four years. One of those rare, RARE moments where I certainly do not mind being wrong.

I can almost taste the champagne...gee, that said, I wonder if Lindy Ruff is reading this... >;)

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