Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Unlucky Penny Revisited

Just when I was starting to think Craig MacTavish was a HUGE breath of fresh air over Lindy Ruff...along comes this veeeeery interesting tidbit:

BigKahunaNC posted:
"If you saw the video of them chipping that coin out, it clearly shows MacTavish AND Smyth out there hacking away at center ice. Classless. That's just as disrespectful as the antics pulled by Terrell Owens at midfield in Dallas."

Someone else said:
"They also said it wasn't just Smyth hacking away at it. Did you see the hole they left?? "

BKNC posted in response: "Before the game last night, they clearly showed MacTavish and Smyth hacking away at the ice. They had NO business messing with the ice."

I can't help but feel like Hyena regarding this disgraceful act by the Oil...

Hyena posted: "this whole situation disgusts me to no end. how dare they?"

So, I'm left with no choice...*gets up her best Scottish brogue* Damn you Trebek!

Seriously, I cannot be the only one to notice how, from certain angles, MacTavish bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Jeopardy! host...

As if we didn't need any more proof of why Alex *really* needs to grow his moustache back. o_O

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