Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: June 5th-18th, 2006

Can't afford a Ferrari? Just knit one.

Does it make me a mean person if I admit that I laughed at this?

Good thing the RBC Center wasn't built with just one restroom...

Hey, if David Hasselhoff's "singing" is huge over there...I believe anything can be.

How can it be called a protest if the people participating look like they're having a good time and/or Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In rejects? (PG-13/work safe warning)

(insert the Peter Gunn theme here)

Is Hell a suburb of Detroit?

Is this *really* a shock with the retro craze going on right now?


Sure, the speakers are moisture resistant...but an IPod/portable media player is not.

This lends new meaning to "Take a bite out of crime."...

This makes me wish that Bluefield had an Indian food restaurant.

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