Monday, June 19, 2006



I think I sum it up for the entire Caniac Nation: Fans, players, crew (including the front office), AND all former players/members still keeping tabs with the organization when I say:

OH! MY! FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My musings and observations...

- The Canes simply could not have played a better game tonight. I don't know if it was Lavy or Brindy OR some kind of mojo. But to who OR whatever hammered into the Canes' heads that they have to play sixty minutes or darn well close to it...THANK YOU!!

- Cam Ward getting the Conn Smythe...boy, was I good in picking that one a mile away.

- I cannot AND probably will NEVER get over how the Canes did this on the very season that my Ronnie Francis, the player AND his traditional number, retired. When they showed the very man beholding the game with ten minutes remaining, I didn't want to say anything until it was official, but I KNEW the Canes were going to do it.

- The Stanley Cup schwag looks AWESOMELY SCHWEET. Especially
this and that

- Once again:

OH! MY! FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NBC, Egghead, I mean, Pierre McGuire; OLN, Craig MacTavish, Ryan Smyth, Lindy Ruff, Daniel Briere, Martin Brodeur, AND all of your respective teams and their fans...I take back every single nasty thing I've said about all of you throughout this year's playoffs. Yes, I'm quite the gracious winner like that. ;P :D

Current Music: "Hurricane 2000" by The Scorpions and the Berlin Orchestra