Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday Canes Mish-Mash

Justin Williams has been re-signed for $3.5 million per year times five.

Niclas Wallin gets inked for four years.

And the Craig half of the Adams Family agrees to stay for six hundred grand per year, three years.

And while salaries rise, some players are far, the latter includes Aaron Ward and Matt Cullen.

Wardo surprises me. Thought for sure that the Canes would find a way to keep him...but at the same time, it does not surprise me that Ward may want to return to the team with whom he got his start in the Red Wings.

Cullen on the other hand...I think DrewPiece in the above link said it best...

"He may have scored 25 goals, but he still only had 49 points this season. He'll probably get overpaid by somebody. I hope he's happy with the system he ends up playing in."

With Cullen gone, I feel the chances of Weight or Recchi sticking around become a bit more possible.

And while players are dropped, other players start to voice their demands, like Erik Cole.

Somehow, if it all rings true one way or another, I am not surprised that Erik may want to be in a larger media market. Heck, with all of those Jim Rome appearances AND now a Carson Daly appearance on his resume, I'm more than willing to bet that Colesey might (eventually) be gunning for one of the Southern Cali teams. But, my saying all of that doesn't mean I dislike the guy OR am jumping to conclusions as some of the people act like in the above linked thread...and that said, I royally hope to be wrong for the Canes AND Caniac Nation's sake.

In the more lighter side of Canes-Land, Rod shows off why he is called "The Bod" in the Hockey Hall of Fame's Stanley Cup Journal...which further covers Brindy and Commie's Campbell River exploits...

And Eric Staal and Cam Ward show off their iPod playlists...

*Just* eleven songs?! Surely iPods, even the 1 and 2 GB ones, can hold much more music than that!

Current Music: "Hypnotize" by Gerald Veasley

Edit as of 4:27 PM: And if you thought Canada Day could not get any better, two fine Canadians in Eric Staal and Mike Commodore have been re-signed!

And a rather familiar face in the Southeast Division,
goaltender John Grahame has joined the squad!