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December 28th and 29th, 2006 - Canes @ Sabres AND vs. Ducks: Random Musings and Observations

When this season is all said and done, and people ask me why was I so frustrated with my Canes at times during it, I will simply point towards these past couple of weeks and say "That's why.".

As delighted as I've been with the Canes' five game winning streak and saving Festivus and Christmas in the process, I have found it a little hard to be enthused, because, well, it's not like the Canes beat a Buffalo or an Anaheim during all of that. They played the dismal Flyers, and the mediocre Lightning, Islanders, and Panthers (twice). Ok, I realize that the Islanders have been a little more than mediocre as of late, BUT they are still highly proven by the Canes finally beating them 5-1, making for the best game during the streak AND quite possibly the best game of the season.

That said, if there was anyone the Canes should have pulverized, it's the Flyers. It pains me to see the rest of the League killing the orange and black ones, AND the Canes barely eek out a 2-1 win. So yeah, as evidenced by the above rant, I'm still bitter about that.

BUT ANYWAY, regarding these past two games...the Canes can't beat the second League-best Buffalo, but they can run/skate with AND beat the League-best Anaheim?! I wouldn't go as far as saying that's wacked...BUT, I will go as far as saying that if the Canes had played the game they played against the (Mighty) Ducks, they may not have been swept by the Swords and/or could have at least made Thursday's game score a little more respectable than it was.

- Admittedly, I didn't really watch a whole lot of the Canes @ Sabres game, because DirecTV gave me the Sabres MSG feed, as predicted, thanks to it being an away game.

Thanks to Turner South no longer existing, the MSG Buffalo crew is now officially my pick for the most excruciatingly annoying broadcast team, at least for this season. I can't decide who grates on my nerves more: The play-by-play announcer who makes Howard Cosell and Brent Musburger sound rather tolerable, even if combined together in some mad scientist's experiment; OR Rob Ray, who immediately makes me clamour for Tripp Tracy and his prattlings about food and groins.

Note to the Canes: Don't give the/a color commentating job to an ex-goon. At least an ex-goon like RR, anyway.

- After last night's game, it's actually funny AND ironic that I compare Rob Ray and Tripp...y'see, RR is the ice level color commentator for the Sabres, and Tripp got a taste of the same position last night while the Canes bouted with the Ducks. Things that make you go hmmmmm...could it be that John Forslund is getting a new partner in the booth soon? Guess we'll find out on a future episode of "As the Storm Turns".

- Don't worry Brindy worshipers, I have not forgotten about your golden boy's big night...

Last night was Rod Brind'Amour Night, during which, Brindy was honored for reaching the 1,000 point mark a few games ago. Many congrats to the guv'nor.

That led to a nitpick that, really, will be no different from my gripings about the beginning of the second and third period interviews with Laviolette and McCarthy,, you've been warned.

John, Tripp, and FSN South, ever since 2002, everybody, their brother, sister, and cousin throughout the Caniac Nation had Brindy pegged to be the next Captain after Ronnie Francis, and therefore practically knew he would eventually be Captain. There was absolutely no need to make it sound like Rod had to win a freakin' lottery to get the position.

I swear I lost count of how many times I uttered "(Brindy) was SLATED to be Captain!!" to the TV during that moment.

And hey, what do I know? Especially since I was not in Lavy's head when he made the decision in 2005. BUT, if Brindy still wasn't a gimme for the Captainancy by then, color me highly surprised.

- It *still* scares me that the two absolute best teams in the League are the ones already wearing Reebok's proposed buttugly jerseys for the remainder of the League, which are supposed to make their grand debut at the All-Star Game/Event later next month.

Then again, what we are seeing the Sabres and Ducks wearing are apparently mere prototypes. 'Cause even though the jerseys have that form-fitting look to them (at least they do to me), the Ducks and Sabres look comfortable wearing them. That cannot be said for one of the Ducks' neighbors to the north, who got to try out the new duds recently.

I was getting ready to post a quote or two from that article, but there are too many good ones in there...making me prompt you to read the article ASAP. It's nice to know that we fans aren't the only ones who feel the new streamlined and form-fitting "jerseys" are going to be crap. Unfortunately, a player made it clear that he thought the new "jerseys" are ok...hint: He used to be a Teddybear. That said, when I read his comment, I was not surprised. But other than him, I don't think his teammates know what to think overall.

I will conclude by saying what gives me hope about the new "jerseys" not having a long life is remembering how the "Cooperalls" a.k.a. hockey pants in the early 80's were promoted as THE new look for NHLers, only to barely last a season.

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