Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 19th, 2006 - Canes @ Flyers: Random Musings and Observations

- Y'know, the Grinch in me *really* wants to gripe about how the Canes should have pulverized the Eastern Conference worst Flyboys. BUT, on the other hand, the angel in me wants to just say that hey, the Canes got two points, and that's better than no points at all.

- John and Tripp AND FSN South...I may not get your feed all the time, no thanks to DirecTV and their version of Center Ice. But I've watched your feed enough over the last season and a third to know that it is absolutely no shock what-so-ever when you get Peter Laviolette to take two-three minutes out for his beginning of the second period "fireside chat". So that said, stop acting like you barely got Pete to stop and address us Caniacs on the current issues he (supposedly) went over with the Canes in the locker room.

And let's not even get into why the heck Kevin "Kato" McCarthy is doing "fireside chats" at the beginning of the third period... o_O

- Did John and Tripp switch bodies? Here I was all ready to hear Tripp drool over Philly's finest steak and cheese...and instead, it was John doing that!! o_O

I *had* to make sure Rod Serling didn't magically appear in my room or on the TV screen...

- Speaking of the Canes staffers...very, VERY GLAD to see Chris Huffine and his day with Lord Stanley get acknowledged during tonight's game. As I have noted somewhat constantly, I somewhat knew Chris when I lived in Raleigh/Wake Forest, thanks to his wife(!! It's VERY belated, but CONGRATULATIONS on the marriage, Chris!!) who work(ed?) as a receptionist for my family chiropractor. And he is every bit the wonderful person they make him out to be whenever he gets mentioned during a broadcast. Once again, and it can never be said enough, CONGRATULATIONS to Chris on being the first ever native North Carolinian to get their name on the Stanley Cup.

Because of that, I just may have to keep this game on tape.

- I'm starting to feel like the FSN South feed is teasing me with that damned creepy Gizmo-voiced "Brindy! Brindy! Brindy!" commercial...tonight's game was the third or fourth one in a row where they waited until the last five minutes to play that thing.

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