Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 8th, 2006 - Canes @ Canucks: Random Musing/Observation

What my eyes beheld tonight was something different, fantastic, hilarious, horrible, scary, chilling, imaginative, funny, colorful, cute, ingenious, awful, charming, trashy, frightening, and just simply wonderful.

Not to mention how that something was the best two hours I've spent in awhile.

Thank you, Canes, for letting me know that my decision to watch my recently purchased Gremlins DVD* was the darned best decision that I could make tonight.

Current Music: "My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane

* - As much as I knock the "Brindy! Brindy! Brindy!" commercial, it's good for at least one thing...

** - I know I missed a dynamite third period. But really, the way the Canes played in the majority of the game, they don't deserve the point they somehow got.

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