Saturday, December 02, 2006

December 2nd, 2006 - Canes vs. Bruins: Random Musings and Observations

- I may dislike Nickelback with the passion of ten suns, but hey, if they give Cam Ward the luck and confidence to win games via his helmet/mask, then I certainly cannot complain about that much.

- Perhaps Eric Staal reads this here place...I make one crack about him (seemingly) having more penalty minutes than points as of the game vs. Montreal, and he goes and gets two goals tonight. That's much more like it Staalsy...see what happens when you keep your a** out of the box? ;)

- The NESN guys set themselves up for Justin Williams' shorthanded was quite easy to see coming, as much as they kept flashing the graphic about AND mentioning the top shorthanded scoring teams in the NHL.

- Speaking of NESN, who were not at all bad or annoying tonight, much to my delight...I cannot help but be jealous of the fact that they do fun TV programs with both present and past Bruin players. I think the Canes could take a cue or two from that...and while I'm at it, they need to bring back that Saturday/Sunday morning show that ran through the 2001-02 season. But obviously, it would feature Peter Laviolette instead of Paul Maurice...

Current Music: "Run Run Rudolph" by Bryan Adams (Live)

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