Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stormbringer's Week In Review: November 20th-26th, 2006

(I know about the Bruins game and the Canes' win there...due to a *very busy* weekend and it being a holiday one, I decided to skip doing a RM&O for that game. But don't worry, the RM&O will return with Tuesday's game.)

Ananova never fails to amaze me with what they consider news... o_O

And by 'East Europeans', does that include Borat?

Between the former Canes prospect, the musical artist, and now this guy, there are too many Jack Johnsons!!

I cannot be the only one who misses OfficeMax's Rubber Band Man...thanks to the big yellow rubber band, that's what I am reminded of.

I wonder if Sir Mix-A-Lot was behind pun intended.

In this instance, I'm glad there is no accompanying picture with the article...

Obviously, the man is oblivious to the fact that Halloween has been over for almost a month...

So THAT'S where that song came from!

The hits just keep on coming for those crazy Swedes...

We Smiths are taking over the world...bwa hah hah hah!!!

With the combined prices of all the items involved, is this the most expensive "practical joke" ever?

Your jaws hurt? What about your body an hour or so later, dude?!

Current Music: "A Mad Russian's Christmas" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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