Saturday, November 18, 2006

November 17th, 2006 - Canes @ Capitals: Random Musings and Observations

Despite having more company and another steak dinner that couldn't be beat (this time at the Sagebrush outside of Wytheville, VA), I did manage to catch the third period of tonight's game...

- Got the Comcast/Capitals feed tonight. And after reading some of the comments in the Score Boards' game thread, I don't get the overall beef with the Caps broadcasting crew. Sure, I would choose the John and Tripp Show if I had my choice of them or the Caps guys. But, the Caps guys are ok in my book...I'll take them over quite a few feeds, even the Pittsburgh one (no thanks to Mike Lange now being on the radio). Gotta give them credit where it is due...they know when to give the Canes their kudos, and tonight was certainly no exception.

- Didn't even realize that Grahame was in net until he got scored on...but despite that, he clocked in his first good game and win as a Cane.

- Speaking of him, I think I just read the best funny player nickname yet...

"Grahame Cracka"

The only way that can become funnier than it already is would be if John Forslund and/or Tripp Tracy somehow uttered it during a broadcast.

- If I had known that Rod Brind'Amour would be right behind Jaromir Jagr for the overall NHL points lead, I would have made his weightlifting a**, NOT Eric Staal, number one priority in all of my Fantasy Hockey leagues' drafts.

- Well, based on this year and last year's results, this "Room With the Dads" thing has been a capital idea on Laviolette's part...pun intended.

*does her best vocal impersonation of those darned Paine Webber ads a few years ago* Thank you Gomez Addams.

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